An Entrepreneurial Scotland is a prosperous Scotland.

A place where people with an entrepreneurial mindset fuel growth and prosperity for us all.

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We accelerate the people who can impact growth.

Scotland is known for business innovation and ideation, but there's a challenge we can't ignore: a scarcity of entrepreneurially-minded people who can propel businesses, and subsequently, our economy and society forward.

These are people who embody growth, resilience, confidence, ambition, humility, empathy and curiosity - they recognise opportunities and execute them. It's a style of leadership - not just about creating companies.

As a charitable foundation, our mission is to identify people with the potential of thinking this way. We nurture their belief and connect them to opportunities and other leaders who can help them succeed.



Focusing on two key interventions

Impacting the growth of a business can take an entire career. To accelerate this journey, we concentrate on two pivotal stages that create the most impact: empowering young people in the very early stages of their careers, and accelerating leaders already on the journey.

Saltire Scholars Programme

Building the leaders of tomorrow

Our flagship Saltire Scholar Programme seeks out high-potential students from all universities in Scotland, putting them on a transformational development journey that includes a fully funded internship. By working on real commercial projects, students are empowered to realise their capability to impact growth in the future. The programme marks them out as the future leaders of business in Scotland.

ES Membership

Accelerating the leaders of today

If you lie awake at night thinking about the growth of the business you are in, then the membership is for you. It is designed for business leaders at the helm, actively driving their businesses forward.

Leaders learn best from other leaders, but where do you go to find them? Our curated cohorts foster deep and meaningful connections with like-minded peers and more senior leaders, creating opportunities for sharing, support and mentorship, all whilst opening a world of connections to accelerate growth.

Creating a virtuous cycle of impact

As Saltire Scholars and Members evolve into transformational leaders, they give back by becoming hosts, donors, volunteers, and mentors. This fosters a movement of entrepreneurially-minded leaders committed to driving positive change in Scotland. It's a virtuous cycle. Our job is to keep that cycle moving.


Saltire Scholars

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