Business Membership

Our Business Membership exists to help you address the challenges of developing a high-performing team.

Our Business Membership exists to help you address the challenges of developing a high-performing team. It’s also designed to set you on the right path to becoming a better employer by investing in your team.

Increasing the teams’ capacity and in doing so building the company brand is something our members talk to us about regularly. By extending the benefits of being a member across your organisation, you can keep employees on track, nurturing entrepreneurial thought and action ensuring the continued success and growth of your business.

We’ve created a range of packages that will enable your rising stars and senior managers to take advantage of all the benefits of membership across our three tiers; Emerging, Growing and Leading. The Emerging tier is for aspiring business leaders at the start of their career. The Growing tier is for those that are growing and scaling the organisations they belong to. The Leading tier is a unique peer network for founders, owners, MDs and CEOs.

Membership provides an environment for continuous learning through access to inspirational leaders, peer-to-peer networking, mentoring and on-line tools and resources designed to keep key talent within your team and help them to develop and grow. 

Up to 20 employees

  • Extend membership to 6 of your team
  • 1 leading, 2 growing and 3 emerging memberships
  • an annual cost of £863 + VAT

21 – 150 employees

  • Extend membership to 12 of your team
  • 2 leading, 4 growing and 6 emerging memberships
  • an annual cost of £1,726 + VAT

151 employees or over

  • Extend membership to 32 of your team
  • 2 leading, 10 growing and 20 emerging memberships
  • an annual cost of £3,434


From our informal local events that offer excellent networking opportunities in a relaxed environment to our Annual Celebration Dinner and Annual Conference our diverse range of events are a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people, talk about business and anything else that interests you. All members are encouraged to join in with our full events programme, they are a great way to connect with fellow members, solve your business challenges and be inspired by others who have done it before.

Details of all current events and online booking is available in our events section.

These popular events provide a unique opportunity to hear from a successful business leader who will share their insights into building their career and company. Recent speakers include Saltire Energy’s Mike Loggie and BrewDog’s James Watt.


These are events hosted by our partners that encourage entrepreneurialism and collaboration in Scotland and beyond.

Throughout the year, we host informal, social evenings offering an excellent networking opportunity in a relaxed environment. These events can range from curry evenings to tapas nights and are an opportunity to talk about business and anything else that interests you. All new members are encouraged to attend these events.

Member Services

Our online membership directory gives you exclusive access to details of members at the same career stage as you enabling you to connect and network wherever you’re located in the world.

Our mentoring programme matches applicants to mentors with the relevant experience to support you to accelerate your career and learn from those who have been there before.

Launching soon

Our regular updates ensure our members are up to date with what’s going on in the network, sector updates and access to new events as soon as they are announced.

Eligibility Criteria and Code of Conduct

Entrepreneurial Scotland is for people who have an entrepreneurial mind-set, a commitment to share openly and honestly and to give back more widely into the ecosystem.  Members of Entrepreneurial Scotland network must agree to the principles of honesty, upholding Chatham House Rules and no selling within the network.

Our network tiers make sure you get the right membership experience wherever you are in your career or leadership journey.   The eligibility criteria for each tier is based on the business or organisation a new member is part of, whether as a leader or an employee. Membership of the network is a personal membership and is not transferable.  Our Membership Committee deals with all applications in a strictly private and confidential manner.

Our network is available to entrepreneurially minded individuals living abroad with a Scottish connection, at a discounted rate. To find out more about international membership please contact or call +44(0)141 444 7159.

To participate in our mentoring programme you must apply through the website.  Applications are reviewed in order to identify suitable mentors. An application does not guarantee acceptance to the programme.