Gordon Farmer

Gordon Farmer took part in the programme from 2012-2013. Gordon joined Global Energy Group in 2008, initially serving as the group financial controller supporting the CFO and in 2012, he took on a portfolio management role, reviewing business structures of the operating units and assessing growth opportunities. 

In September 2012, Gordon started the Saltire Fellowship at the urging of CEO Iain MacGregor, who liked the style of experiential learning available in US institutions and who had become familiar with the Babson-based program following the strong performance of a Saltire Fellow on a Global Energy project.

When Gordon returned to Global Energy he took on a portfolio investment management in which he worked with business unit leaders on strategic issues, such as integration, growth opportunities, executive development and succession planning.  In 2014, he was promoted to VP Corporate Finance, where he continued the portfolio management role, including deep involvement in acquisitions.  In February 2016, Gordon was promoted to President of REEL Group, a Global Energy Group subsidiary headquartered in Houston. 

Iain MacGregor, CEO of Global Energy, commented on Gordon Farmer and the value of the Saltire Fellowship:

“Gordon joined Global with a proven track record in Corporate Finance.  We recognized further potential in Gordon; he is driven and determined and these qualities, coupled with his experience and qualifications, made him an ideal candidate for the Saltire program. Completing the program helped to unlock this potential, allowing him to move into a strategic leadership role within the Corporate Team. Now he focusses on portfolio management, and in this role Gordon has been instrumental in achieving group growth through multimillion pound acquisitions, particularly as we strive to internationalize the business.”