Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds was part of the first cohort of the Fellowship in 2009.  After talking to the Saltire team and meeting other ambitious candidates, Paul believed that the Fellowship was the right programme at the right time for for him in his career. Having worked in London for eight years, Paul was looking to be challenged in a way that he had not been before.

Paul credits the programme as an enabler to help him think differently and for providing him with the engagement in the wider entrepreneurial community that he would not have had before. Paul is now founder and owner of award winning Cup Glasgow Ltd, having created Cup Tea Rooms and the Gin71 concept bar. Cup is now a multi-million pound operation, employing over 100 people. 

"Having worked in the hospitality industry for 20 years, I went into the Fellowship not knowing what I wanted to get out of it. I did not plan to start my own business but knew that I wanted to move career and industry altogether. We were immersed in jargon and finance and you quickly realise that the support of the other Fellows is integral to your development. These are the people that will help and assist you.

The programme was a refinement and an enabler to make me think differently. You learn to look at everything in a much more detailed manner. My confidence developed and I now felt that ‘I can do anything!’"