Suzanne Doyle-Morris

Suzanne Doyle-Morris took part in the programme from 2012-2013.  Born in Australia, and brought up in Washington DC, Suzanne, a Cambridge PhD, ended up in the East Neuk of Fife, via Ireland and England. Prior to the Fellowship, Suzanne was a published author and gender balance consultant. 

During her time on the programme, Suzanne applied sales techniques she learned at Babson to secure her largest client contract to date.  Upon graduation, she developed and launched InclusIQ, a technology company that provides inclusive leadership solutions designed to rewire inbuilt biases for a fairer, smarter and more competitive workplace.

With new business thinking and ambition, Suzanne had growth factored in from the start, but has kept true to her own vision of expanding at a rate that feels right, and is not at all reckless. She’s avoided bank loans and external investment rather than be beholden financially and has focused on growth based on sales.  In two short years InclusIQ has expanded from Suzanne as sole trader to managing a staff of 7, and securing major new clients like William Grant & Sons, the Law Society of Scotland and the University of Edinburgh Business School in the last year alone. 

“Before I did Saltire, I had always been ambitious and fortunately, enjoyed a good deal of success in my chosen field - gender balance consultancy. The downside was that as a consultant with a niche specialism, my work was not easily scalable, and I wasn’t having as wide an impact on helping businesses become inclusive as I wanted. After the Saltire, I launched a new business - the InclusIQ Institute. My consultancy work continued to grow, but more importantly, based on the lessons I’d learned in the Saltire, I now saw technology as a means of scaling the business. I went from being a virtual sole trader to a team of 7, including another Saltire Fellow, David Toy, and a Saltire Scholar. It certainly hasn’t been easy - but I believe the only way to stay on top of your game is to constantly reinvent and the Saltire gave me an even larger platform for reinvention than I could have anticipated.”