Our Strategy

It is 2030, and Scotland is regarded worldwide as a beacon of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers thrive in Scotland. They feel inspired, supported and celebrated, across the public, private and social sectors, and at every stage of growth. Entrepreneurial Scotland aims to inspire and develop Scotland’s people...

Our Forward-Looking Entrepreneurial Culture

With a fast growing community reaching across Scotland and internationally, Entrepreneurial Scotland is inspiring, developing and connecting a diverse, talented and ambitious group of people who have the potential to change our economy and society.

Our forward-looking entrepreneurial culture applauds success and acknowledges failure, recognising the value in both. Inspirational role models from all backgrounds are well-known and actively engaged, and their contribution to society is showcased and celebrated. We invest in ourselves and in the next generation of entrepreneurs, always striving to be world-class.

Our Forward-Looking Entrepreneurial Culture
Scotland’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Scotland’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Scotland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem enables innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, Universities, Government and established corporations to access and share knowledge, experience, connections and inspiration. It unlocks the diverse talents wherever they are. The DNA of ambition, success and giving back is embedded in our culture.

Scotland is a major player internationally. The world’s top talent sees Scotland excelling on a global stage and wants to share our journey. Opportunities unfold for our children and Scotland thrives.

A Vision For 2030

We take all we have – our programmes, our team, our connections, our voice – and combine it with the immense goodwill in our community of 5,000. With that we equip entrepreneurial leaders and talent with the skills, mindset and connections to go forward and create economic and social value. In time, they will nudge forward our entrepreneurial culture, laying the ground for future generations. It is a virtuous circle.

We too are not alone and are part of something bigger. As a founder and leader in the Scotland CANDO Collective we are building an entrepreneurial movement. We believe that Scotland can, by working together, create the world’s most entrepreneurial society … again.

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Andy and I are passionate about making our mark on the business and leaving our legacy. These ES Programmes gave us the entrepreneurial ‘kick up the backside' that we needed, changed our mindset and allowed us to focus on that step change.

Mike Donaldson
Executive Chairman, James Donaldson & Sons