ES Strategy: A Vision for 2030

Entrepreneurial Scotland is unique. Powered by our global and local community, together, we curate world-leading, hands on opportunities, peer learning and leadership development for those who have the ambition to shift the dial.

In 2014, Entrepreneurial Scotland was created with the aim of Scotland to become the world’s most entrepreneurial society.  Nearly five years on, we, together, have taken many steps towards that goal but we still have a long journey ahead.  In our next phase of strategy we lay out what an entrepreneurial society might look like, the challenges that face us and Entrepreneurial Scotland’s strategic priorities.  Entrepreneurial leaders of all kinds remain at its heart particularly our members, our programme participants and our partners.


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Watch as ES Chief Executive, Sandy Kennedy discusses the vision for 2030!


Becoming the most entrepreneurial society "is very a much a collective vision...that sits as a star in the future & what we need to do is set off on that journey. The strategy helps us to orientate ourselves in the right direction."

Leading Members of Entrepreneurial Scotland invited to our Strategy for Breakfast Events

Strategy - One year on 

You, as a Leading Member of Entrepreneurial Scotland, are at the heart of our organisation; you are central to the success of our ES Strategy for 2030, published last year (2018). Sandy Kennedy welcomes you to attend an intimate round-table gathering to share our developments and hear your thoughts one year one.  We want to hear first-hand from you, our members, on what the direction of travel should be, how we go about measuring impact and ultimately, how we deliver our shared vision, ‘to inspire and develop Scotland’s people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world'. Bottom line, we still have a long way to go, and no-one can do this alone. People like you are vital to creating a movement of change and we value your thoughts and insight.

Who should attend this event?

Members of Entrepreneurial Scotland in our Growing and Leading tiers who: 

  • Want to connect with like-minded peers 
  • Want to hear our developments and/or provide feedback
  • Have thoughts on how we best measure impact 

Various Dates and Locations 

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