Bring Out The Best in Your Team

Speaker: Connect 3

Member Level: “Team”

Time: 09:30 - 12:00 

Date: 14th May 2020

Event type: Masterclass

Price: Complimentary

Location: TBC


Explore how to motivate and inspire your team to work better together to lead your organisation to success

•    Team vision, values and alignment 
The importance of being on the same page and singing from the same hymn sheet 

•    Understanding your team 
Explore your team make-up and identifying strengths 

•    Motivate & inspire your team
Learn ways to lead through authentic leadership

Connect 3:
Connect Three change the way businesses run.  We work supporting businesses on growth through developing their vision, leadership capability and culture.  Connect Three are a dynamic team of Consultants who are all on the same page, in the same book, in the same library. Seeing people and businesses develop and flourish is what drives us, we live and breathe our values. Most importantly we practice what we preach – funnily enough we don’t always get it right either but we are proud to be part of a team that helps to develop others.

  • When

    14th May 2020
  • Where

    United Kingdom
140520: Bring Out The Best In Your Team