Create your killer mindset

Speaker: Pinky Ghadiali, Mindset consultant, By Pinky
Member Level: Emerging|Growing|Leading
Time: 18:30 – 20:30
Date: Thursday 5th September 2019
Event type: Workshop
Price: Complimentary
Location: Turcan Connell, Princes Exchange, 1 Earl Grey St, Edinburgh, EH3 9EE

Doubting yourself? Feeling anxious? Negative mindset? 

Let this workshop by Pinky Ghadiali help you change your mindset and Create Your Killer Mindset.

Being an entrepreneur is exciting, rewarding and fun however it can be challenging, lonely and frustrating. Sometimes the dreaded 'imposter syndrome' can creep in and it's knowing how to manage the negative inner voice when it pipes up. The most important part of self care is your mindset and behaviour. When we work towards aligning your values and your behaviour, beautiful and amazing things happen.

Attend this workshop and discover the tools to help you feel empowered and become a more positive, fulfilled version of yourself.

You will:

  • Unmask the negative inner critic and habits that limit you.
  • Feel more confident, make better decisions and be more motivated.
  • Have the foundation and strategy in place to unlock your potential and get the results you want. 
  • When

    5th September 2019
  • Where

    Turcan Connell
    Princes Exchange
    1 Earl Grey St
    EH3 9EE
    United Kingdom


Pinky Ghadiali

Mindset consultant, By Pinky

Pinky is a mindset consultant who empowers you to create your killer mindset so that you can be more confident and successful and live life to your full potential. 

Create your killer mindset