Design and Innovation in Healthcare

Speakers: James McIlroy, EnteroBiotix; Eleanore Irvine, Biogelx; Elizabeth Brooks, DHI; Hazel White, Open Change

Chair: Rodney Mountain, NHS Tayside

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Scotland has a vibrant "Creative Industries" economy that is currently under-utilised in health and social care. Creative sector knowledge, skills and philosophy can completely revolutionise the way care is provided in the future.

Healthcare solutions of the future will continue to be produced in scientific laboratories and by doctors that develop new medications and procedures. However, a whole new economy lies in utilising the "Creative Industries" strengths such as: healthcare design, digital interactive medical technology, computing and gaming tools that can empower patients, care-givers and communities to self-manage and reduce the need for drugs, operations and hospital admission.

In Scotland, we believe that these goals can be achieved through a "design led" approach where patients, care-givers, healthcare workers and communities can be enabled to co-design the services, products and caring environments they value.  We also believe that better clinical and financial outcomes can be achieved if a Value Based Healthcare (VBHC) model is introduced to the public sector and that collaboration rather than competition becomes our new strength as a nation.

Join us in Dundee, a hub for design and innovation, at the Dundee Science Centre to explore this topic in depth and see where healthcare innovation will take us next. 

  • When

    25th April 2017
  • Where

    Dundee Science Centre
    DD1 4QB
    United Kingdom


Hazel White

Hazel White

Director, Open Change

Hazel White is director of Open Change, an innovation agency which supports organisations to put the people who use and deliver services at the centre of re-designing service delivery.

Open Change has worked with the Dasman Diabetes Institute in Kuwait, the Scottish Government, the Scottish Public Pensions Agency, Dundee City Council and a range of business and third sector organisations to help them find problems worth solving.

Eleanore Irvine

Eleanore Irvine

Business Development Manager, Biogelx Ltd

Eleanore is a PhD trained chemist, with experience in product commercialisation and business start‐up mechanisms. As a co-founder of Biogelx Limited, she has played an integral role in progressing university research through to company spin out, product launch and now growing global sales. Upon completion of a nanochemistry focused PhD, Eleanore secured a Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise fellowship, where she worked alongside the founders to successfully spin‐out Biogelx.

James McIlroy

James McIlroy

CEO, EnteroBiotix

James McIlroy is a final year medical student and biotechnology entrepreneur based in Scotland. His work is focussed on solving big challenges in healthcare by translating and commercialising innovative research and technology into products and services that make people's lives better.

James is founder and CEO of EnteroBiotix, an award-winning, patient-centered biotechnology company focused on using the body’s own microorganisms to prevent and treat debilitating infections and diseases.

Design and Innovation in Healthcare