Developing entrepreneurial resilience

Speakers: Dianne Teo, CEO, T30 Fitness Training & Richard Davies, Director, The Grind Hard Company LTD

Chair: Rachael Brown, Chief Executive, Cultural Enterprise Office

Time: 18:00 – 20:30

Member Level: Emerging|Growing

Date: Thursday 16th May 2019

Event type: Workshop

Price: Complimentary

Location: Citizen M, Glasgow

One of the main things that sets entrepreneurial minded people apart is their resilience. No matter what situation they find themselves in, they can come back from this a stronger and more resilient person. When many people start out, they believe success is a linear process, but in reality there are so many ups and downs and success can look different for every person. This event is designed to highlight that success comes in many forms and to inspire you not to give up on your entrepreneurial path. 

Richard Davies has had a very interesting journey; he says that while many entrepreneurs are quick to tell you that you learn a lot from failure, but what they remain tight lipped about is that it’s really awful when it does and that yes you learn alot but it doesn’t feel good at the time. Dianne Teo has shown incredible resilience after circumstances,out with her control, almost left her business pennyless. With determination and true grit, Dianne kept going and now runs a hugely successful fitness business across the world.  

Who should attend this workshop?

Members from the Emerging and Growing tier who: 

  • Are looking for inspiration 
  • Are interested in how they can become more resilient 
  • Want an honest account of the realities of running a business
  • When

    16th May 2019
  • Where

    Citizen M
    60 Renfrew St
    G2 3BW
    United Kingdom


Richard Davies

Richard Davies

Creator and director of Abandon Ship Apparel

Richard Davies is the creator and director of Abandon Ship Apparel.

Dianne Teo

Dianne Teo

CEO, T30 Fitness Training

Dianne boasts a career in fitness spanning over 30 years and two continents. Her passion is fitness and exercise. Over the years she has gained unmatchable experience across a wide variety of disciplines in the fitness industry. From group exercise classes to teaching students academically, from personal training to delivering physical activity to special populations, from climbing mountains to teaching babies to swim. Her experience is vast.

Developing entrepreneurial resilience