Global head, Scottish heart

Speaker: Chris van der Kuyl, Chairman, 4J Studios

Member Level: Leading

Time: 18:45 – 22:00

Date: Tuesday 29th October 2019

Event type: Focus Dinner

Price: £95 + VAT

Location: Dundee


Tech entrepreneur and past Chairman of ES, Chris van der Kuyl, believes in the importance of having a global mindset and invites you to attend our focus dinner centred around this topic. 

Global mindset...

“ To me that means having a global head and a Scottish heart. What’s the point if you can’t have an impact on the whole world? I don’t really care about building a business that’s only relevant to my back yard."

“As a tech entrepreneur if I don’t think global from day one, the business is dead at birth as far as I’m concerned."

“That goes for all our entrepreneurial ideas, whether they be business, public sector or governmental we have to think with a global mindset."

“It’s an attitude of mind that’s absolutely vital for every leader AND...a key ingredient of our vision to make Scotland the most entrepreneurial society in the world.”

During the focus dinner, Chris will walk you through his own entrepreneurial journey, discuss the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset and the vision to think globally, and provide you with an opportunity to discuss your own business challenges.  This will be in an intimate setting, strictly under Chatham House Rules.  Enjoy a sumptuous dinner, informed discussion and insight from one of Scotland's true visionaries. Book your place now! 

*Please note - Due to the exclusive nature of this event, cancellations made less than 48 hours prior the event are non refundable. 

  • When

    29th October 2019
  • Where

    United Kingdom


Chris van der Kuyl

Chairman, 4J Studios

Chris van der Kuyl is an entrepreneur whose expertise combines the start-up, development and market listed business arena in the technology, media and entertainment sectors.

Global head, Scottish heart