Innovation for the 21st Century

Speaker: Philippa Wagner, Creative Strategy Director/Head of Innovation Lab, Ennismore

Chair: Alexander Holt, Head, CivTech®

Member Level: Leading

Time: 18:45 – 22:00

Date: Thursday 19th September 2019

Event type: Focus Dinner

Price: £95 + VAT

Location: The Gleneagles Hotel

Come and join us in the glorious backdrop of Gleneagles for our upcoming focus dinner with speaker Phillipa Wagner, Creative Strategy Director and Head of Innovation Lab, Ennismore.  

This intimate focus dinner will delve into the topic of innovation and will help answer the following questions: 

  • What is innovation and what does in mean for the 21st century when the future will look very different to today?
  • What are the big cultural macro trends that are shifting expectations of how people innovate?
  • What does innovation mean when it has become an overused word and often associated with technology 

Up for discussion 

  • The Generation Z consumer - those born between the 1990’s and the early 2000’s.  They are the first truly digital native generation who have a different perspective on technology, sustainability, brand purpose and the future. Many of them will live to be 120 years old and will have 7 stages of life from school, university, job, sabbatical, educate again, retire, entrepreneur, retire etc
  • The role of intrapreneurs – the change makers who create change and big impact from within and can disrupt a brand/product/service/category. Exploring some of the companies that are fostering an intrapreneur mindset and changing categories such as Mini, moving from makers and a seller of cars to a brand that is about living with their Mini Living project. 

This is an opportunity for peer learning and informed discussion under Chatham House Rule.  Come along with a specific business challenge or concern and let the conversation flow over a sumptuous dinner in the truly magnificent setting of Gleneagles. 

*Please note - Due to the exclusive nature of this event, cancellations made less than 48 hours prior the event are non refundable. 


  • When

    19th September 2019
  • Where

    The Gleneagles Hotel
    PH3 1NF
    United Kingdom


Philippa Wagner

Philippa Wagner

Creative Strategy Director/Head of Innovation Lab, Ennismore

Philippa heads up 23Lab Ennismore’s innovation lab, a forward thinking hospitality lab with the sole aim of creating products and experiences for future guests.

Innovation for the 21st Century