Leader as Coach

Facilitator & Coach: Sarah Lock, Director, Sarah Lock Leadership Ltd

Member Level: Growing|Leading

Time: 09:30 - 16:00

Date: Thursday 14th June

Event type: Workshop

Price: Complimentary

Location: DoubleTree By Hilton, Edinburgh

Google recently released a report on which managers make highly effective leaders.

Do you know what was the number one skill?

Their ability to coach their people.  

How do leaders become GREAT coaches?

By working with coaches, and developing their skill. In others words ... practice, practice, practice! 

In this coaching masterclass Sarah Lock, an executive coach and leadership mentor will work alongside you to develop your coaching capability.

Over the past 25 years Sarah has worked with individuals and teams across the UK, Europe and Asia in diverse sectors such as retail, energy, construction, technology, financial services and hospitality developing leadership capability. By applying the best thinking about leadership, learning and change Sarah creates highly practical solutions which help individuals and teams perform better. Her work is transformative, focused and measurable. Sarah’s job is to help you to be even better at your job.

Please come along ready to dive straight into a highly practical masterclass where you’ll:

- get clarity on the distinction between coaching and mentoring
- explore the business impact of a coaching ‘culture’
- grow your own coaching question bank
- learn the importance of language and the power of silence
- observe live coaching demos - with real content (not role plays)
- learn how to give great feedback
- practice ‘solutions focused’ coaching using real content with feedback
- get coached on real life issues that are happening for you right now

Workshop Outcomes

By applying the learning from this workshop:

- you’ll be coaching more and even better than ever
- your people will perform better as a result of your coaching
- you’ll be positively impacting the culture of your organisation'


This workshop is for you if you:

- are already clear on the benefits of coaching ... this workshop isn’t going to try to ‘convince’ you

- are excited about the possibility of how coaching your people could benefit your business

- have people manager responsibilities

- are open to being coached ... we’ll be doing lots of practice on the day

- have something real that you’d like coaching on ... we won’t be using made up role plays because we want you to experience ‘real’ progress on your goals during the workshop


This workshop isn’t for you if you:

- are an experienced coach

- aren’t up for bringing real life scenarios to the workshop to get fresh insight on

- don’t have any people manager responsibilities, and you aren’t likely to have in the very near future ... it’s really important that you can practice coaching straight after the workshop if you are to see a return on your investment

Places are limited so we encourage you to book now to avoid disappointment. 


  • When

    14th June 2018
  • Where

    DoubleTree By Hilton
    34 Bread Street
    EH3 9AF
    United Kingdom



Sarah Lock

Director, Sarah Lock Leadership Ltd

I’ve always been fascinated by people. What makes us tick? What makes us happy? What fulfils us? Why do some people succeed, while others are held back from living their best life?

This is why I’m driven to help people thrive and achieve greater levels of success. Over the last 25 years my interest in people has taken me across the UK, Europe and Asia working with clients in diverse sectors including financial services, technology, hospitality and retail.

Leader as Coach