The Fresh Air Leadership Company

Resilient Leadership

Speaker: Dave Stewart

Member Level: Public

Time: 18.00- 20.00

Date: 18th March

Event type: Masterclass

Location: Glasgow

Developing your mindset to overcome the fear of failure and imposter syndrome, and boost the performance and resilience of your team.


The challenge

The more your business grows, the more you'll need to build your resilience and have a great team around you. Whether this is an in-house team or a wider network of collaborators, business success hinges on how well you lead and inspire this collection of fabulous people to create and implement winning ideas! 


Why do this?

In this highly interactive workshop, based on real-life lessons from across private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, you will explore leadership resilience and 13 reasons why your team probably isn’t as great as it could be! You will discover what you need to do about it and leave with a clear set of priorities, models and tools that will help boost the performance of your team and organisation. 


Our speaker, Dave Stewart, is also offering 2 hours of free consulting and coaching to help you implement your post-workshop actions.


Who is this for?

Delegates who are planning to scale up, or who are new to leading teams, or who are working in large organisations will benefit the most from this workshop. 

  • When

    18th March 2020
  • Where

    TBC Glasgow
    United Kingdom



Dave Stewart

Managing Director, The Fresh Air Leadership Company Ltd

Dave is the founder of the Fresh Air Leadership Company. His passion for developing high-performing teams and leaders stems from experience gained as a member of a rock band, a mountain rescue team and special forces. During his career he has also held senior leadership and non-executive roles in various private, public and not-for-profit organisations. With this breadth of experience he has learned from some really great leaders and some really appalling ones! He has also applied this learning wisely and not so wisely. 

Resilient Leadership