Scaling up from Scotland

Speakers: Kristian Tapaninaho, CEO, Ooni & Ken Whipp, Director of Executive Education, Entrepreneurial Scotland
Member Level: Emerging|Growing
Time: 16:00 – 18:00
Date: Wednesday 13th February 2019
Event type: Workshop
Price: Complimentary
Location: RBS Gemini Building, 24-25 St Andrews Square, Edinburgh, EH2 1AF
Scale your business within Scotland with ES and RBS Entrepreneur Accelerator
Discover what it is really like to scale your business within Scotland.
We will hear from Kristian Tapaninaho, CEO, Ooni who is currently scaling his businesses and on the Scale up Scotland programme. He will not only discuss the challenges they’ve faced along the way, but he will also touch on those great opportunities that present themselves when you are a scaling business in Scotland.
Ken Whipp, Director of Executive Education, Entrepreneurial Scotland will also be on hand to provide insight into what the challenges are for scaling businesses and some of the ways they can be overcome.
Come along and realise the full potential of our enterprise community.  Network with attendees during the event and take inspiration from a captive audience who want to scale their business.  It can be a roller-coaster but with the right support, it is possible!
  • When

    13th February 2019
  • Where

    RBS Gemini Building
    24-25 St Andrews Square
    EH2 1AF
    United Kingdom



Kristian Tapaninaho

CEO, Ooni

Ooni has grown exponentially since 2012. Kristian developed the concept for the world’s first portable wood-fired oven because he was frustrated that the pizzas he cooked in his domestic oven were just good, not great. He knew for truly great pizzas he needed a very high heat. At the time the only option for wood ovens were expensive and bulky traditional installations. Kristian had neither the space nor the thousands of pounds required for these - shocked that there was no smaller, affordable solution he set about creating the first Ooni oven.

Ken Whipp

Director of Executive Education

Ken leads Entrepreneurial Scotland’s Executive Education programmes

Scaling up from Scotland