Culture as a Platform for Growth

Shirlaws Scaling Workshop Three

Speaker: David Milton, Shirlaws Group

Member level: Growing & Leading

Time: 09:30 - 17:00

Event type: Workshop

Price: Complimentary

Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh


Are you ready to scale up your business in 2018?

We have teamed up with Shirlaws to bring you four workshops over the first quarter of the year to help you position your business for growth and ensure you have the capacity to do so in 2018.

Workshop 1 - Productivity – Gearing your infrastructure for scale - Tuesday 16th January 2018, Edinburgh

In any transitional period, having an agile team, effective planning and the correct capability at the correct time are all key. Scalable businesses require scalable processes, systems, and people.

During our first workshop, we will look at how you can build on your existing platform to create an environment for transformation, innovation, and growth.

Workshop 2 – Revenue – driving more revenue through your business - Thursday 8th February 2018, Glasgow

More revenue is a key focus of all businesses looking to scale. Generating revenues, however, isn’t just a case of delivering better sales performance. There is a complex interplay between product, strategic positioning, marketing, sales, and client servicing that all affect how quickly a business will scale.

Our second workshop will help you find the clarity required to deliver the revenue results you need.

Workshop 3 – Culture – How do you create a culture for growth - Thursday 15th March 2018, Edinburgh

Leadership and culture is two of the most talked about, and least understood business disciplines. Often, they are looked at in isolation (called change management) and sit separate from business planning. Understanding how to weave your business mechanics and human capital together is the key to turning your culture into an asset for growth.

The third workshop will give you a pragmatic toolkit to lead cultural change.

Workshop 4 – Asset – how to scale profits through an asset-based approach - Tuesday 17th April 2018, Glasgow

Most businesses have a strategy for scaling their revenues and profits. Few have clear strategies for how to grow their equity value. In this final workshop, we will help you apply an asset based approach to your business to accelerate your equity value, and therefore build a more robust revenue strategy for scale.

  • When

    15th March 2018
  • Where

    Radisson Blu Hotel
    80 High Street
    The Royal Mile
    EH1 1TH
    United Kingdom
Shirlaws Workshop 3 - Culture – How do you create a culture for growth