Untapping Your Minds Potential

Speakers: Aaron Turner

Chair: Colette Grant

Are you interested in more wellbeing, resilience, contentment and freedom of mind whilst navigating your Business through these uncertain times?

Then please join Colette Grant, Trustee of Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation and Founder of Optimise Your Potential Ltd as she interviews Dr. Aaron Turner, PHD, CoFounder at One Thought, International Speaker and Thought Leader. Aaron has dedicated his professional life to understanding 'State of Mind' and the key role this plays in our day to day decisions. Over the past 20 years Aaron has been working with global business leaders, entrepreneurs and organisations helping them gain clarity of mind to enable innovation, creativity, resilience and impact in the face of huge change.

During this session Aaron will share his vast experience and thoughts on:

• The importance of thinking more clearly in this uncertain time.

• How to really assess your level of clarity.

• How wellbeing, resilience, contentment and freedom of mind can improve your organisation and business outcomes.

• How clarity of mind can help transform your business.

See more about Aaron's work at https://onethoughtonline.com/