Tom McCallum

UNTHINKABLE: Tools for confident leaders in our age of disruption

Speaker: Tom McCallum, Global Partner, Shirlaws Group

Chair: Sandy Kennedy, CEO, Entrepreneurial Scotland

Member level: Growing|Leading

Event type: Masterclass

Price: Complimentary


Have you spent time and resource creating a 3-5 year strategic plan for your business? According to recent leadership research, within nine months of a strategic plan being produced, it won’t be worth the paper it is written on. In recent years, the pace of change in the business world has accelerated and the predictability of outcomes and variables has decreased to the point of “unthinkability”. We are now living in a new normal, where disruption in technology, geopolitics and other areas render many tried and true leadership tools of limited value.

At this event, Tom McCallum will lead you through a workshop that will give you new tools and understanding to regain control, remain a confident and effective leader, recognise the hidden assets within your business and how to leverage them for disruption. Tom is a founding member of the GlobalScot network and is a passionate advocate for the power of entrepreneurship as a mindset to elevate confidence and performance across all facets of life and the economy in Scotland. Born and educated in Scotland, he lived in the Cayman Islands for over 25 years before moving back to the UK this year, and has worked with leaders around the world in many industries. He has always stayed connected to Scotland and has sought to provide value and impact along the way.

Join us and your chair for the evening Sandy Kennedy on Tuesday 26th September

  • When

    26th September 2017
  • Where

    Norloch House
    36 King's Stables Rd
    EH1 2EU
    United Kingdom


Tom McCallum

Tom McCallum

Global Partner, Shirlaws Group

My purpose in life is to #MakePotentialPossible, to support others on their journey to see and live their potential in all areas and all levels. I live this in my work :
- As a Sounding Board for Leaders and Enterprises bravely committed to transformative change
- Seeing, discovering, creating global connections and opportunities 

I am now focussing my client work on the UK (as well as my existing international work), if you are in London or central Scotland I'd be particularly happy to connect.

Sandy Kennedy

Sandy Kennedy

Chief Executive

As Chief Executive of Entrepreneurial Scotland, Sandy is at the forefront of a movement to inspire and develop Scotland's people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

UNTHINKABLE: Tools for Confident Leaders in our Age of Disruption