FAQ Saltire Scholar Applicants - Application Stage

The Saltire Scholar Programme seeks to identify the most ambitious and engaging student talent from Scottish universities and match them with host companies who can provide a meaningful and challenging work scenario. In order to make this possible, there are many aspects of the programme: from recruitment and admissions, to onboarding and logistics, which, by design, come with many specific strands of information. This page provides guidance on the application stage.

Application stage

To be eligible to apply you must be the following:

  • Enrolled in full time undergraduate study at a Scottish University
  • In your penultimate year of study. If it is a 4-year course you must be in 3rd year, if you are studying a 5-year course (an integrated masters) you can be in 3rd or 4th year. 

Our internships start on the 15th of June 2020 and usually last for 10 weeks.

The majority of internships will start on the same date. If you know you are not able to start by this date, we suggest you focus on applying to roles within Scotland, as there’s greater flexibility with these internships due to the lack of logistical arrangements.

No, it is our policy that students are only eligible to apply once from the programme.

  • Yes. For internships in Scotland, students are paid the living wage per hour (£8.75).
  • For internships outside of Scotland all costs are covered (flights, accommodation, visas, insurance) as well as interns receiving a nominal stipend to cover expenses.

No. The Scholar team take responsibility for sourcing your accommodation and will work with you to book your flight. All Scholars must take the lead in submitting their visa paperwork and progressing through the required process.


Yes, if you are on a year abroad and in your penultimate year of study, you are eligible to apply. It is your responsibility to be organised with interviews and application timelines, taking into account any time differences in your country, as any deadlines stipulated will be in UK local time.

Internships last between 8-12 weeks. The duration of each project is determined by the company who hosts our interns.

The Saltire Scholars Programme is open to applicants from all degree disciplines. We encourage all students to consider their transferable skills so that they can broaden their horizons. While there may be internships directly related to your degree, you may have other relevant skills that could be applicable to a different industry or role. In the past we have had pharmacy students undertaking marketing roles, and engineers undertake business analysis roles, so it pays to think outside of the box!

We partner with a wide variety of companies who operate in a range of industries and sectors all over the world. This includes business and finance, engineering, manufacturing, life sciences, creative industries, not-for-profit, public sector, IT, pharmaceuticals, transport, food and drink and many more. When sourcing internship projects, we focus on identifying roles which deliver tangible impact to the company whilst also contributing to your learning and development.

We partner with companies on an annual basis which means every year we offer a range of internships with companies who have hosted interns before, as well as new companies. We understand that students will be drawn to recognisable employer brands, however we pride ourselves on partnering with the world’s leading firms and entrepreneurial companies, some of which you may never have heard of before! Regardless of which company we partner with and where they are located, we guarantee that they will offer students a valuable and meaningful internship.

Our application window is open for around four weeks: whether you submit early on, or on the very last day of the window, every application will be considered equally. There is no benefit to rushing your application and submitting it on the first day! We encourage all candidates to use the application period effectively, but we advise you are mindful of technical challenges if you’re cutting it close to the deadline!

No, it is your responsibility to be able to make deadlines and are application dates are not flexible.

If you have any queries about the questions or require application support, reach out to your university’s careers service.

Examples of recommenders can be a professional that you have worked with or an academic from an institution you study at. Please make sure the recommender knows you well enough and is aware that you have passed on their details.                                                                   

You do not have to submit a reference, we only need you to verify that you recommend the named person to be part of the Saltire Scholars Programme, should they be successful in securing an internship.

Set up password reset, if you aren’t receiving the email, check you junk folder first then contact the team to ask for a password reset.  Write down your new password somewhere safe.

Check that you are using the correct email address to log in and try logging in on a different internet browser. If the problem continues, please email the team with the name and email address linked to account.

Due to the high volume of application received in our initial process, there will not be a second round.