FAQ's Saltire Scholar Applicants - Candidate Pool Stage

The Saltire Scholar Programme seeks to identify the most ambitious and engaging student talent from Scottish universities and match them with host companies who can provide a meaningful and challenging work scenario. In order to make this possible, there are many aspects of the programme: from recruitment and admissions, to onboarding and logistics, which, by design, come with many specific strands of information. This page provides guidance at the Candidate Pool Stage. 

Candidate Pool Stage

No. Although this is our final application stage, this is still competitive. Roughly 1 in 3 people within our candidate pool will secure an internship.

Please address your cover letters to ‘Sir/Madame’.

No, they are not included in the word count.

Yes, you can still apply, however it is unlikely you will be shortlisted. If a driver is specified, then it is because the company have identified this as a requirement for the internship to be successful.

No, it is your responsibility to make sure you meet deadlines.

The team only provide individual feedback for your first-choice selected internship.

All application outcomes are released at the same time. Unless you have received an email to say you have been shortlisted for a host company interview, you have not been successful. Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are only able to provide feedback for your first-choice application.

Firstly, find out who your university Brand Ambassadors are, you can reach out on LinkedIn.  You can search directly on LinkedIn or many Scholars have a link to their account through their blogs on the website. If you still haven’t managed to get in touch with any, then email the team to let us know what you are looking for.

The host company will reach out to you to organise the interview. The format varies depending on the company. For example, it may be in-person, over phone or through Skype. If you cannot attend the interview date proposed by the company, then it is up to you to take ownership and responsibility for rearranging. Be mindful and realistic of the opportunity you are being offered and always endeavour to be flexible with your schedule, where possible.

No. It is your responsibility to be aware of any financial costs that may occur with international calls or travelling to an in-person interview.

Once it has been two weeks please contact the team to let them know of the delay and we will chase up the company on your behalf.

Some companies like to receive a thank you message post interview. We are happy for you to do this; however you are not permitted to ask them when you will hear an outcome. The company will inform the team of their decision and all interview outcomes will be communicated via the Saltire team.

Once it has been two weeks please contact the Saltire Scholar team to let them know and we will take the necessary next steps.

No. If you are offered an internship you have 48 hours to decide whether you wish to accept this role or not. If you do accept it, you will confirm your place on the programme and no further internship projects will be shared with you. If you decline it, you will go back into the candidate pool to apply for more roles with possible interviews.

Interns who remain in Scotland are responsible for organizing their own accommodation. Here are our tips for sourcing a place to stay near to your host company location, if you don’t already have somewhere in mind:

  • Connect with other Saltire Scholars interning in the same location through the closed Scholar Facebook group. Joining forces often means you can get better accommodation rates.
  • Other Saltire Scholars may be leaving their rented accommodation for the summer to intern elsewhere and are often happy to sublet to you.
  • Connect with students who interned in your destination last year to find out how they sourced accommodation.
  • Contact universities which are near your host company location, as student halls of residence can be an economical source of accommodation and often have vacancies over the summer months.

Your internship will have agreed start and end dates. Travel is usually booked for the Saturday before your internship starts to the Saturday after your last day. You cannot fly earlier than your given departure date. Scholars can elect to travel after their internships and return after their given end date. This is should be discussed at the time of booking your flights and any additional costs associated with staying in-country will be yours to cover.

All flights are booked through our trusted travel partner. We know that the best possible flight option will be chosen for you. You cannot pick what airline you fly with. All students have standard hold luggage included which is set by the airline. Any additional luggage is an additional cost to the student.

This applies to the visa process for many of the locations within which we work. If you achieve an internship outside of Europe, then the visa process is often fast-paced and can have deadlines. You need to be organised and available to attend your visa appointment at short notice.