Our Mentoring Programme

Entrepreneurial Scotland’s mentoring programme supports entrepreneurially minded people with the ambition to build and scale enterprises and to develop their careers.

Mentor Matching Programme

By bringing together like-minded, ambitious individuals with a Scottish connection our peer network has unrivalled access to the best talent and to entrepreneurial leaders from across the world. As part of our commitment to making Scotland the most entrepreneurial society in the world, we view mentorship as a key benefit of our network. These one-to-one relationships based on trust and respect, provide our members with the access to the skills and experience they need to face their business challenges and accelerate their careers.

By sharing their experiences and views, mentors will advise, support, inspire and provide encouragement, where appropriate, enabling the mentees to realise their potential and develop their own resourcefulness. The mentees will offer commitment, engagement and their insights and experience of the current entrepreneurial landscape.

A typical programme runs for six months during which both parties are expected to meet regularly to establish a strong professional relationship that will develop their skills, strategies and capabilities.

Mentoring is a powerful tool to unlock your potential contact us to find out more