The ES team has gone remote

Advice from the UK & Scottish governments in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak is to work for home, where possible.

So, we have chosen to make the most of our remote working capabilities for the time being, to protect the health of our staff and wider community.

Moving forward, we see two certainties:

1. Firstly, it will be the entrepreneurs, innovators, changemakers, people like you, who will shape our future.

2. Secondly, no one does it alone. By working and learning together as an entrepreneurial community we grow stronger.

Leadership, at every level, is being tested in a way that it has never been tested before. And, perhaps most importantly - staying connected, even virtually is the most important thing we can do for our businesses, our teams and each other. We want you to know that Entrepreneurial Scotland is here for you. Being virtual does not have to mean being alone. With an Entrepreneurial community all over the globe, we’re used to connecting remotely with people in different cities and countries regularly, so please stay in touch as we move forward, together. Please note, our office numbers will be diverted during this period, but recommend that you email us in the first instance for a prompt response.

Thanks for your patience during this time.

Best Wishes,

The ES Team.