Fundraising for Saltire and What Being a Saltire Means to Me

Hello! My time at Craneware really flew by and admittedly it got easy to focus so much on my job that I started to lose sight of why I was doing this. To reflect on this as a reminder for myself and readers of this blog, this entry will talk a little about what being a Saltire means to me, and also how I was able to raise funds for saltire this summer.

What this means to me

When I first heard about the Saltire Scholar Programme I was of course interested by the possibility of a fully funded internship in a different country, which remains the core attraction; but after reading more about Entrepreneurial Scotland I could see there was much more beyond the internship. In my initial application I cited “…the diverse network of like-minded, skilled entrepreneurs, and the emphasis on using the opportunity we have to make the world a better place” as the distinction between this internship and all others, and to me, this is really what being a Saltire means to me – strengthening and growing this community of energetic, driven people with common goals.

Like other Saltire Scholars I didn’t know much about the post-internship opportunities even after I had secured a place in the programme, but the leadership day held at the start of summer made this much clearer, and totally sold me on the feasibility of Entrepreneurial Scotland’s ambitious mission. As an individual who is now a part of this, I think the entrepreneurial mindset is a key part of what it means to be a Saltire Scholar – namely, the choice to see the opportunities that arise from change rather than the problems alone; the willingness to adopt the responsibility of bettering society and the world we live in; and the desire to continuously make progress.

Fundraising for Saltire

To give back a little in return for this opportunity I chose to not only push myself out of my comfort zone, but out of a plane flying at approximately 10,000 feet! I have actually been skydiving before with Strathclyde’s Skydiving club, but this was almost 3 times the height and on a gorgeous sunny day in Georgia. I managed to raise £50 doing this, but I’m not sure if I could raise the courage to do this again any time soon.

Thanks for reading this entry of my blog, and don’t forget to stick around for my final entry where I’ll reflect on this whole experience and how it has impacted me.

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