Host a Saltire Scholar!

"Hosting a Saltire Scholar was a simple process and the quality of candidates is very high” - David Anderson, Partner, Ampersand Capital Partners, Massachusetts

The Saltire Scholar Internship Programme is currently seeking companies to host Scholar interns in summer 2019.

Founded and nurtured through the GlobalScot network, Entrepreneurial Scotland’s Saltire Scholar Internship Programme creates the next generation of leaders for Scotland through providing high-quality internships located in Scotland and throughout the world. The programme was established to give young people studying at Scottish universities the global mindset, confidence and ambition to achieve their full potential, thus growing the capacity of Scotland to become one of the world’s most entrepreneurial societies in the world.

Now in its 12th year, the programme has grown from hosting 6 interns in 2007 to 171 in summer 2018. Scholar Host Companies are from a variety of sectors including fashion, tech, financial services, oil and gas and the third sector and are at all stages of their business from entrepreneurial start-ups to FTSE 100 companies. Some of our host companies have included Barclays Wealth and Management, GlaxoSmithKline and Fender Musical Instruments.

Saltire Scholar interns are capable of delivering real impact to their host companies. You can fill your skills gaps by engaging talented students who will bring a new energy and enthusiasm to your team. This can be especially beneficial for business development projects that you haven’t yet been able to resource. Becoming a host company is also a great opportunity to increase your employer brand amongst Scottish university students. We work with 16 universities in Scotland and partnering with us is an instant way to promote your company to our candidates.   

Colin Carpenter, CEO, Siris Medical, San Francisco -

“Our Saltire Scholar successfully researched the design and proof of concept of a dashboard that helps understand clinical usage metrics. The product of this work will be used extensively for both engineering and business intelligence. She was an exceptional member of our team and contributed in a number of ways beyond her core project. She was independent, intelligent, productive and a positive influence in our corporate culture”

David Anderson, Partner, Ampersand Capital Partners, Massachusetts –

“Our Saltire Scholar immediately started contributing across our business including interacting with new target companies. His analysis significantly sped up our review process for new deals and his contribution to our existing investments saved management weeks of work. Hosting a Saltire Scholar was a simple process and the quality of candidates is very high”.


Saltire Scholar interns are frequently cited as being the top talent studying at universities in Scotland and come from academic backgrounds such as business, engineering, IT and life science. Through an independent study which was carried out in 2017, we discovered that Saltire Scholars are 30% more likely to achieve a first class honours degree, and also earn 10% higher than the average graduate starting salary in Scotland. Through a rigorous recruitment process, companies can be sure that potential interns have the ambition, drive and enthusiasm to complete a commercially significant project for our company partners.

Michael Watson, Saltire Scholar at Alexander Dennis Ltd –

“During my time with ADL, I was tasked with undertaking analysis of the parts sales to North America, Singapore and New Zealand to identify growth and improvement opportunities. I feel proud to have delivered a clear presentation of my findings and positive recommendations to the International Director & General Manager and other key members of the organisation.”

Cristina Espinosa Cancino, Saltire Scholar at Amplify Energy, Houston TX –

“As a facilities engineering intern I was involved in the expansion of the carbon dioxide recycling facility where I made use of my chemical engineering design, mathematical and economic knowledge, acquired throughout my university career. After presenting my findings to senior management, they approved my two projects and the company will invest $500,000 in order to execute them.”

In 2018, over 1,500 students applied to the programme. Candidates go through a three-stage recruitment process before the Saltire Scholar team place the best fitted students in front of businesses, so that you can be sure you receive the best quality candidates within the talent pool.

Full logistical support is provided to ensure your Scholar has the appropriate accommodation, insurance, travel and visa to concentrate fully on their work within your company. 

Internships take place over the summer from early June 2019 and typcally last 10 weeks. To secure your place as a Saltire Scholar host for 2019, we require you to:

·         complete a project description and a person specification

·         contribute a weekly fee

·         provide a line manager and exposure to C-level exposure to the Saltire Scholar

·         open up networking opportunities for your Saltire Scholar


Contact our Sales Programme Manager, Caroline Alabi at to discuss the opportunity of hosting a Saltire Scholar within your organisation or read our Host Company Brochure for further details.