Meet Jules Lancastle, Head of Executive Education

Meet Jules Lancastle, Head of Executive Education

As I join the team at Entrepreneurial Scotland (ES) it seems appropriate to introduce myself!  

For the last 2 years, I have been supporting the acceleration of ambitious ‘startup’ founders with Elevator. It’s been a role that has allowed me to work with exciting rising stars, who have the vision and desire to build successful, high growth enterprises that could eventually stand out as entrepreneurial giants in Scotland’s business landscape.     

Research shows, however, that many of them will encounter a hurdle that will be familiar to many of Entrepreneurial Scotland’s ‘growing’ and ‘leading’ business members. The challenge of identifying and recruiting the leaders that companies need most: those who can create opportunities, envision and navigate change, surmount complexity, and motivate teams in a common purpose to grow organisations and create economic and social value, is cited as a major barrier to the acceleration of business performance beyond ‘startup’.

Entrepreneurial Scotland’s Saltire Fellowship and other Executive Education programmes are designed to build that pipeline of talent, increasing the population of Scottish leaders who have truly global mindsets, integrated knowledge of business drivers and the ability to apply entrepreneurial thought through their actions here with the Scottish business they work within.

It’s an exciting task and I look forward to working with new cohorts of business leaders, who are further along their entrepreneurial journey. Our Global Saltire Fellowship will open for enrolment later this year, but meanwhile, our International Learning experiences will begin soon, with a Babson week on Preparing for the Future in Uncertain and Changing Times in Boston this May. For more information about this or other Executive Education modules in 2019, please email as Early Bird discounts run until the end of March and I would be delighted to tell you more!