Member Feature: Sixty Seconds With...Sara Roberts. Healthy Nibbles

Sixty seconds with WES finalist, Sara Roberts 

Women's Enterprise Scotland has published its finalists. We caught up with ES Growing Member Sara Roberts of Healthy Nibbles. 

Sara, tell us a bit about your business... 

Healthy Nibbles is a business at the forefront of sustainable innovation for delivery and consumption of healthy food in cities, delivering an employee and community centred nutritional wellbeing solution through a range of products (tech-enabled vending, unmanned retail & snack boxes), services (nutritional wellbeing consultancy) and a recently launched data and analytics product.

You made the final of the WES awards in two categories, how do you feel?

It’s a great feeling to be recognised both as an Emerging Leader and also as an invested in business, which is particularly relevant given that less than 1 per cent of UK venture funding goes to all-female teams. It’s a recognition point, a moment to pause a celebrate the journey so far.

What are your top tips for anyone looking submit an award?

Submitting an award takes time; choose carefully the awards that you enter and take time to present the best version of you and the business. Remember that awards have their place, but ultimately the success of the business will speak volumes.

What has been your highlight of the year been so far?

Winning a contract that everyone said was impossible…unfortunately, I can’t disclose it yet, but watch this space! 

How do you find the entrepreneurial community in Scotland?

The entrepreneurial community in Scotland is strong, supportive and forward-thinking. We are incredibly fortunate to have a wide range of incubators, accelerators, support organisations and networks that can help entrepreneurs move between the various stages of the business life cycle.

You’re a Member of ES – what is the biggest value you receive from being part of the network?

The biggest value add of the community has been able to reach out to people who have been on this journey before; who can share expertise and insights. Ultimately it is through these connections that up and coming businesses can learn from relevant experience; often saving both time and resources. Equally important, is the ability to support other entrepreneurs, through mentoring or just being available for a quick chat!

What does Scotland need to do to become the most entrepreneurial society in the world?

Two aspects stand out, both of which could significantly advance our entrepreneurial community. We have one of the most supportive public sectors for entrepreneurs, however, it is often difficult to navigate the support available. By increasing transparency, we would see a higher number of businesses being supported, and ultimately growing. The second aspect is one of funding, as I believe there needs to be increased access to funding at various stages of the business journey. 

More about Healthy Nibbles here