A message from Robin Mukherjee

Chair of The Members Board – for members, by members

A quick note to thank you all sincerely for your membership, participation and efforts. Members are the lifeblood of ES and I would like to encourage you to get involved in as many events and get togethers as you possibly can.

I look at it like going to the gym – I have to force myself (especially as the years pass) however always feel glad that I have made the time to do it. And come away feeling good. I see ES as a lifelong journey and really enjoy the community of like-minded people that we have as part of our membership. I am particularly grateful for the diversity of ages and experience that we have and I think that makes us unique as a platform to both learn, and share, upon this lifelong journey. I also really appreciate the efforts that Sandy and the team in Glasgow go to drive excellence throughout the many facets of ES.

The Member’s Board is run independently from ES and is for members, by members - we have 5 Regional Groups around the country. If you have ANY feedback on how your experience is, want to get more from your membership or have a friend/associate that you think would benefit from membership then please let us know.

Please feel free to email me on robin@2circlesconsulting.com