Mid-point reflection: Key achievements, milestones and next steps

Having been in Boston now for a month and a half I have fully settled in to living and working here, and still love every minute. Getting up in the morning and the quick commute to work is just as exciting every day, and my work has been going very well.


In my first few weeks I found myself asking a lot of questions, yet as time has gone on I have become much more successful at being able to answer questions for myself and figure out things on my own, which highlights my progress. I am now comfortable with the systems and ways of work here, and have found optimism from my first 2 projects. I now know my way around the city very well, and am thoroughly enjoying the lifestyle and cannot say enough about Boston as a city!


In comparison to the start of my time here, I would say I have gained a lot of confidence in my ability, and being able to stay positive when I am stuck in a project was important for me to learn. Going forward, I know what to expect more of when I am given a new task to complete, I know what my superiors expect of me, and I know how they want a problem to be presented.


I have also found my work to be more influential than I believed it would have been before, which has been a great achievement to see it being given attention and truly feeling like it is making a difference.


Being at this milestone now, I cannot believe I am into the second half of my time here, and only hope it can be as amazing as it has been so far. In the next stages I hope to continue to succeed in my projects and develop a conclusive report, explore more of the city and surrounding states, and hopefully continue to leave a lasting impression at Liberty Mutual.