My fundraising and volunteering experience during my internship: Week 8 activities

Whilst at Liberty Mutual, I was made aware of their on-going program called ‘Give with Liberty’, which enables all of the interns and employees the opportunity to participate in community projects and charity events. For my group, we went to Cradles to Crayons, which are an organisation set up to donate clothes to over 200,000 children every year who are in an underprivileged household or neighbourhood.


This was a great opportunity to learn more about the philanthropic aspirations of Liberty Mutual, and the real driving force behind their Fortune 100 status. It also enabled us to interact with the other interns from different departments and explore more of the greater Boston area. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience as it felt great to give back to the community and those less fortunate children, and hopefully I can say I positively contributed to the overall mission of the organisation.


In week 8 the infamous New York Yankees were playing the Red Sox, so Matthew and I made the convenient 10 minute walk from the dorms to Fenway Park. Located on the right hand side of the stadium is the Bleacher Bar, which has a massive viewing window level with the field; great for when you just want to go briefly rather than sit through the whole game, and its completely free. That weekend we also took a trip up to Portland, Maine, which is another nice out of state place to visit that isn’t too far from Boston. Portland is a cool place with an interesting vibe; I would recommend trying the infamous Duck Fat Fries, which taste a lot better than they sound.