Rounding up TEDxGlasgow and TEDx Youth

...If you can’t follow your head and your heart – what’s the point? You only get one chance at life, best make it one you love!

Last week was a cracker. It was indeed one that won’t be rivalled in a while. Why is that - because TedX Youth and TEDxGlasgow events brought the city of Glasgow to life. Here at Entrepreneurial Scotland, our vision is to make Scotland the most entrepreneurial society in the world, but we often get people telling us we are too ambitious. Last week was different, last week the people of Glasgow stood proud as their city pulled off two genuinely remarkable events that empowered the generations and engendered passion and determination to succeed.


Our CANDO Executive Rachel Wallace and our Commercial and Memberships director Cathy Craig (with her two children in toe) went along on Thursday to experience the 1st Youth event of its kind and couldn’t believe how truly inspirational the event was. Designed to encourage young people to switch it up and step out of their comfort zone TEDxYouth did just that. In the true spirit of the Year of Young People, Cathy took her two children along as well as 16-year-old Lara McGowan who spent a week-long work experience placement with Entrepreneurial Scotland. Sam, Cathy’s 19-year-old, particularly enjoyed the talk by Adam Purvis. He summed it up by saying: 

‘...well it’s like he said – if you can’t follow your head and your heart – what’s the point? You only get one chance at life, best make it one you love!’

From listening to the wonderful Mollie Hughes, mountaineer and youngest female to climb Mount Everest to Reece Hayes, who turned his life around and is now a Princes Trust Ambassador, the event lived up to the theme of the day and encouraged people to have a #OpenMind.



Fast forward a day, and it was time for the 7th edition of TEDxGlasgow. This time it was Marketing Manager Laura Salmond's turn to go and experience the buzz and energy. To be honest, there are too much magic moments to cover in a simple blog, but we've picked out a couple of highlights. Laura met up with Rachel (our CAN DO Executive) at 9, just in time to grab a tea, before the opening act. First up was fab music duo Van Ives who opened with their new release, 'Positive' setting the tone for the day ahead. Laura and Rachel took to Social Media to capture the essence of the day (@entrepscot and @ScotlandCANDO for those of you interested). We particularly loved ES member Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne's session on how she scaled her business from the kitchen table to a global sensation. We also loved Kirsty Wark's session on working less and being more productive. Her speech got us thinking about how challenging the norms concerning working practice could make for real positive change. Whether or not you agree with the sentiment, it did live up to the theme of the day - Rethink.

Other real highlights were hearing from actor and performer Adam Kashmiry. An LGBTIQ advocate and an educator for transgender issues he explained that the person we are born as does not necessarily dictate the person we become. His fresh perspective and unique insight into this topic left us all moved. As you can imagine Karen Dunbar captivated the audience with her genuine wit and charm, but the audience also saw a more human side to her as she opened up about insecurities and self-doubt. The key takeaway from this session was that anonymous feedback could help make a positive change! It wasn't all speakers though as Laura managed to get into a few drop-in sessions and also took a walk around the arena to see many of the exhibitions. The atmosphere at the SECC was electric; it was genuinely moving.


As the curtain closed on the 2018 event, team ES left feeling invigorated. Glasgow can be proud of what they achieved as a City, and it is hoped that this can be the platform to grow and build the movement for 2019. We can't wait for next ...


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