Summit 2018: Abandon Ship - Our Journey

“Scotland has a diverse community of entrepreneurs who are leading the way and highlighting their work is essential in inspiring the next generation.”

Creating art is a catalyst for what really matters to the brand and I, creating opportunities.

Selling t-shirts gave me the opportunity to achieve everything I have. It was my catalyst. That is why for the last year I have been focused on creating opportunities and positive change for others too.

What is your company called?

We have several companies and brands which include: -

  • Abandon Ship  
  • Hard Grind
  • Daily Grind
  • Hello Vintage

What do your companies/brands do?

We are a group of sustainable creative businesses in the heart of Dundee with the mission of creating a network of lifestyle experiences for our customers and supporting the community. These include clothing retail, online retail, a coffee shop, barber shop and a bar and restaurant opening by the end of the year.

How did you get started in entrepreneurship?

I started accidentally. I started a project (designing and selling clothing online) to distract me from a job I hated. It grew from strength to strength and within 10 months I was self-employed and running my own company.

What have you and your companies learned from the journey so far?

People say that you learn more from a failing business than a successful one and unfortunately that is incredibly true. Having faced liquidation I learned a lot about myself and the business world and now my goal is to create sustainable businesses that provide opportunities.

Since launching, what have your companies achieved?

We now have 6 premises across Dundee and Aberdeen with over 20 staff members. Our online business is our most established but our smaller high street spaces are creating a new destination area in Dundee.

Favourite moments from the journey so far?

Continuing to create new opportunities for myself, my team and the community and people in need through social and charitable work.

What's next on the agenda?

We are currently working on a bar and restaurant to add to our Dundee offering which will open late 2018.

STV and Entrepreneurial Scotland have joined forces to launch a new initiative celebrating entrepreneurship across Scotland. The 2018 Summit Entrepreneurship Awards will showcase inspirational stories which explore the entrepreneurial mindset, illustrate brilliance and highlight the value to our country’s economy and broader society. STV and Entrepreneurial Scotland are calling on innovators, visionaries and game-changers – no matter what stage they are at in their journey – to come forward and take part. 

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