Summit 2018: Care Sourcer

The Summit Entrepreneurship Awards are an innovative new development in the world of business. We’re excited to support the initiative and to promote entrepreneurship across Scotland.

What does your company do?

Care Sourcer is the UK’s first comparison and matching site for care. Anyone can enter their care needs on our secure website and find care providers who have immediate availability. This is in stark contrast to the current landscape of care, where despite their urgent need, people can often wait weeks or even months to find a care provider who can help. At Care Sourcer, we are transforming the care sector by bringing choice, control and transparency to the market.

How did you get started in entrepreneurship?

When I was 24 I became a director in a family-run care at home service. Looking back, that was pretty young for the responsibilities involved, but it gave me a real appetite for the risks and opportunities of business. I knew that a care matching service would be a game changer for the sector. I’ve always been interested in digital and how businesses were making the transition to online, so starting Care Sourcer seemed to be a natural step. I believed in the service so passionately because I knew how much it was needed.

What have you and your company learned from the journey so far?

Care Sourcer is now two years old and there’s been numerous lessons along the way! We’ve learned that although the company is constantly changing and growing, keeping the friendly agile ‘start-up culture’ is vital for us to encourage big ideas and creative solutions. On a personal level I’ve learned that much as I want to be involved in every last bit of the business, I sometimes have to say no to requests. As the team gets bigger I’ve been able to delegate where needed, which lets me be very focused on the many opportunities for Care Sourcer in the future.

Since launching, what has your company achieved?

Andrew Parfery and I launched Care Sourcer in 2016 and we now have 25 employees, with a plan to grow to 100 by 2020. We work with over 1300 care providers, have helped over 2500 people in their search for care and also recently received £8.5m in funding from Legal & General and ADV. Above and beyond the numbers though, the impact we have had on people’s lives is massive, and that’s what drives us. To know that people are able to have the support and care they need is our biggest achievement to date.

Favourite moments from the journey so far?

I’ll never forget the first time we matched someone looking for care with a care provider - it was within days of launching the service and it was an incredible moment! I always love reading the testimonials that come in from care seekers that have found care through us. Every review feels like an injection of energy and pride that we are making a difference every single day. None of this would be possible without Care Sourcer’s 25 incredible team members, who believe wholeheartedly in our mission and give their all to help people at a difficult time in their lives.

What's next?

Onwards and upwards! We’re working on expanding our service, at the same time as running a continuous programme of improvements and updates to the platform itself. We’re recruiting hard to expand our world-class team in order to bring care matching technology to the whole of the UK. There are still too many older people are waiting weeks or even months for care - this causes incredible stress for people and their families, and it’s also a huge expense to our health system. We want Care Sourcer to be the definitive solution to this problem of our time. Watch this space!

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