Unlocking International Ambition Consultancy Project

“... to have access to the skills, insight and perspectives of Saltire Scholars is fantastic”

At the beginning of the year, Entrepreneurial Scotland joined forces with Scottish Enterprise to create a unique consultancy project: Unlocking International Ambition. This new partnership saw 8 talented and highly motivated Saltire Scholar Alumni come together with 8 established and scaling businesses, supported on the Unlocking Ambition programme that was initiated by the First Minister for Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon. The Saltire Scholar Alumni were tasked with providing significant market research and recommendations in which the companies would use on their journey to international expansion.

Within two months, the Alumni delved straight into their work which culminated at the end of March 2020. Even in these difficult times, the Alumni’s resilience and brilliance shone through to provide extremely useful recommendations to their respective companies. The feedback received from the Alumni was phenomenal with the majority stating that they would love to do it again as they “gained invaluable research, consulting and commercial skills and awareness, in addition to feeling extremely supported throughout the whole experience”. Companies mentioned that “... to have access to the skills, insight and perspectives of Saltire Scholars is fantastic” driving their desire to engage with the talent from our Saltire Scholar Programme in the future!

Our entrepreneurial community undoubtedly comprises visionaries in various stages of their career, passionate about seeing each other and Scotland succeed. We hope to achieve more partnerships such as these in the future, bringing different groups together to achieve incredible outputs that are aligned to our vision.

The following Saltire Scholar Alumni and the companies whom they worked with, are listed below:

• Mercy Abel – Intebloc Ltd
• Denitsa Hristova – LiberEat
• Eilidh Stewart – LINIAN Supply Co Ltd and Pillow Partners
• Kathryn Sword and Aleksandra Grasso – Hey Girls CIC
• Mhari Nimmo – Fodilicious Ltd
• Nick Gracie – Industrial Nature Ltd
• Cristian Halati – Bespoke Fabrics

Congratulations to everyone involved, we cannot wait to see the future that this work will bring for the Scottish businesses on the partnership and the wider Scottish entrepreneurial ecosystem.