Why I became a Saltire Scholar & Getting to Grips with work

The culture is something that differs from company to company and Simply Business is second to none in having the best work life balance, no argument.

Walking around the careers fair at Heriot Watt and speaking to all the other companies that were there offering internships Saltire particularly stood out to me as the two people I spoke to were previous scholars themselves in the previous year. Actually getting to speak to other students who were on their internships I got to hear first hand all the good things they experienced. 


Previously to joining I was looking forward firstly getting to work in London and get a real job where the work is meaningful. In addition to this what I was looking forward, and which is something that makes the Saltire programme special is that it just doesn’t end once your internship is over. That’s just the end of the beginning, as you then become part of the entrepreneurial scotland network, which put you in contact with Scotland’s best talent to help accelerate you further in your career.


Coming into my internship I wanted to get stuck into the real world of work and get a good feel for it. Coming from my background in Physics I felt like I had the skills to do the job well but was always intrigued to see what the real working environment would be like and how I would adjust to it. Prior to starting my I was luckily given a document which told me a little about my project and who’s who in the team which I was extremely grateful for as it let me settle some nerves. But a few weeks into my internship I can say I am more or less well adjusted into the lifestyle. 


So from my experience here are the similarities and differences between University and Work. 

Firstly there is more talking between people from different teams. I feel through Uni you only properly work with people if they are on your course or you’re maybe doing the same module despite the fact you might be doing the same thing. E.g: We have some maths classes in Physics but it’s just for us, no Chemist, Biologists or Mathematicians and although I do understand the benefit of learning like this in academia I believe when different teams are working for the same company there is more of an understanding of the greater goal, i.e. the company's success, so teamwork is key! And to enable this to happen you need talking between teams ( MEETINGS MEETINGS MEETINGS !) a lot of meetings, which can be draining but they are important. 


The culture is something that differs from company to company and Simply Business (SB)  is second to none in having the best work life balance, no argument. As a new joiner working at SB a similarity to Uni is in a sense that chilled environment after work. Allow me to explain, If i could just cast your mind back to you first starting uni, since you don’t really know anyone and you’re all in the same boat everyone migles and you get to meet so many people and you (hopefully) go on to make some good friendships. Well the last few weeks have been similar to that. Since SB takes culture seriously, you get a great bunch of people. 


Update on my project so far- I’ve been getting stuck into the data analysis on my Claims Inflation project which has been really interesting there was initially a learning curb just getting to grips with how I manipulate the data and learning all the Insurance Jargon but after getting stuck in it’s all starting to make sense. I’ve also attended a conference put on my Verisk where I got to listen to a few talks on data in the insurance industry, how AI can be used and how to manage risk with catastrophes.


SB also has another office in northampton which has a call center. I got to go up to northampton to visit the office. During my time there I had a few meetings with people from my team who work there and was also given the opportunity to listen in on some calls, which was a really interesting experience.