Saltire Scholar Internship Programme

Our world class Saltire Scholar Internship Programme provides life-changing opportunities for undergraduates in their penultimate year at Scottish universities.


The experience of being one of our Saltire Scholars will be challenging, exhilarating, social, rewarding, fun - and for many it will be life changing. In 2016, 95% of our Scholars said their confidence had increased, 96% said their network had increased and 70% said their career ambitions had changed. 

Applications for the 2017 Scholars Programme are now closed.

Who's it for?

2016 Scholars

Introduction to the Programme

Our programme is diverse to fit the interests of our applicants: from Engineering internships in Houston to Legal internships in Hong Kong, and everything in between. In 2016 we had over 40 degree disciplines represented as part of our cohort which means whether you’re studying to be a social worker, a physicist or a historian you could have the attitude and ability to gain an internship through our programme.

Thanks to the generous support of our host company and university partners we are able to provide this opportunity on a fully-funded basis to our Scholars. We look for Scholars to tangibly give back for the experience they have been given which could be through fundraising or community engagement during their internship.

How to apply

Applications for the 2017 Scholars Programme are now closed.  

Applications for the 2018 Scholars Programme will open in October 2017.

Our application process is very holistic and allows individuals to draw on experience from their work, university, volunteering and personal life. We are looking for candidates with passion for our mission and those who can be a good ambassador for Scotland. We urge applicants to think about their transferable skills and how these might be applied within an employment context.

Following speed interviews in March, successful applicants will enter our candidate pool and have the opportunity to apply for internships by tailoring covering letters and CVs to specific company projects. The final step for successful applicants is an interview with their potential host company.

Meet some of our recent Saltire Scholars and find out more about our partner universities and host companies by reading the case studies below.

Our Partners

We are grateful for the collaboration and support from the following Partners to visit any of our supporters websites, simply click on their logos.

Glasgow Caledonian University
University of Aberdeen