ES Catalysts

Entrepreneurial Scotland and Babson College have designed Saltire Leaders Catalyst Programmes to embed global perspective and international insight into the professional development of business leaders who want to leave a lasting positive impact on Scotland.

Offering unique immersion in a challenging and action-orientated entrepreneurial culture, Babson College sets high expectations for participant engagement. Its faculty of entrepreneurs draw from personal experience and have a keen understanding of current affairs and global markets.

- Access the vibrant Saltire Leaders Cohorts ​

- Immersive training from the world's leading College for Entrepreneurship

- Near peer support and challenge to turn insight into action

The catalyst programmes will be delivered in both online and virtual formats where you will learn the fundamental concepts, methods, and tools of innovation and growth/conscious leadership. These programmes will give you the tools and roadmap you need to facilitate and implement these evolving ideas and make them permanent.

- Interactive Live Webinars​

- Case Studies, Articles, Videos and Presentations


The programmes put you outside your comfort zone and enable you to learn from some of the best entrepreneurial leaders as well as the people on your cohort.

Ross Turner
MD, Pure Malt

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What Will You Learn?

The Saltire Leaders Catalysts has been designed in an online and virtual format where you will learn the fundamental concepts, methods, and tools of Conscious Leadership. Understand the new requirements for effective leadership in the age of Conscious Capitalism and the path to authentic leadership.

Join a cohort of up to 12 leaders, to envision a new future and reflect on your role as a purposeful leader. The organic nature of this catalyst has never been so sought-after or timely. It will give you the tools and road-map you need to become a more self-aware, conscious leader, who is able to adapt to your leadership approach to the changing world we live in. Challenge and be challenged within a group of trusted peers whilst increasing tour own personal 'leadership capital' at a time in which your impact as a leader is more important that ever.

Programme Overview:

  • Understand the new requirement for effective leadership in the age of Conscious Capitalism
  • Identify areas to develop to become a self-award conscious leader
  • Essential skills & characteristics of conscious leaders
  • Blueprint for your personal leadership journey

Who Should Attend?

This twelve-month programme is designed for inspirational directors and senior management with a minimum of 3 years senior management experience.


The programme will begin with the global context of Babson College webinars led by Professor Raj Sisodia, before ES coaches facilitate further discussion and insight to draw our the Saltire Leaders. Professor Sisodia is a founder and leader of the global Conscious Capitalism movement, author of numerous books on the topic including The Headling Organization: Awakening the Conscience of Business to Help Save the World.

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What Will You Learn?

This entrepreneurial leadership professional development course provides an introduction to corporate culture building that will take your team to the next level. During this team building program, explore how to develop an innovation culture and team of entrepreneurial leaders within your organisation. Then, discover the characteristics and actions that make successful entrepreneurial leaders stand out from the pack. 

Session topics include:

  • How to Develop Entrepreneurial Leaders Within Your Team
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership: Think & Act like a CEO
  • Innovation Culture: Building an Innovation Sandbox

Who Should Attend?

This entrepreneurial leadership team building program is well suited for both leaders with direct reports and those who are individual contributors. Participants from any function and company stage or type (startup to large enterprise, private and public sector) will benefit from this entrepreneurial leadership team building course. 


This program is led by Babson College Professor Jay Rao, who teaches extensively for Babson Executive Education. He teaches and consults in the areas of innovation, how firms can implement innovation initiatives, corporate entrepreneurship, and customer experience innovation.

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