Talent Development

Our Talent Development Programmes are designed to find, fuel and spark entrepreneurial talent and connect it to firms and organisations that need it. The programmes are highly experiential and include the world leading Saltire Scholar Programme.

Why Talent Development is important

We want to see the best Scottish talent working to grow the best Scottish businesses. Our talent programmes are designed to spot those high potential entrepreneurial individuals present in every sector and nurture them. From sourcing high quality interns to the best Scottish graduates to accessing our pool of vetted experienced alumni we offer several unique options for you to connect with the people who will drive your business forward.

  • Saltire Scholar Internships
  • Access to prequalified graduates
  • Access to experienced Saltire alumni pool

Finding Our Scholars

We work with all of Scotland’s Universities which allows us to reach a significant talent pool, including specialist skill sets and study areas, which saves you the time to access the skills.


We work with all of Scotland’s Universities which allows us to reach a significant talent pool of penultimate year, Undergraduate Students.

Candidates who meet our qualifying criteria, and then complete our first stage competency-based application form, will have a minimum of 3 years academic experience in a variety of study areas.

Applicants invited for interview will have to fully comprehend our Programme and understand the skills that they can bring to an employer before being admitted to the Candidate Pool.

After reviewing their tailored CVs and Cover letters, we shortlist students from the highly competitive Candidate Pool for a further interview with a host company.

Saltire Scholars
The strongest talent of the Cohort will secure an internship and the final decision always lies with the Host Company.

Scholar by Degree Subject
What our Hosts Say
  • 83%
    of our hosts rated the standard of talent coming through Scottish Universities as Excellent.
  • 97%
    of our Host Companies said their Saltire Scholars exceeded their expectations.
  • 96%
    said the Programme represented good value for money.

Our Hosts