Virtual Internship

Saltire Scholars work with some of the world’s most recognised brands and innovative companies.

You will undertake a project of commercial significance and deliver tangible results to your host company by applying theoretical learning in a professional environment. Scholars experience a different perspective by working in an organisation with a global focus whilst immersing themselves in a different culture.


I met almost the whole staff that day online and I thought I was going to work with people who didn’t know much about design given the nature of the company. I was out of my depth here because I barely knew much on the topic cardiac rehabilitation and it scared me but what kept me focused was what I could learn from them and what I could contribute to their company.

Timothy Kirya, 2020 Saltire Scholar
Digital Design Intern (Virtual), Moving Analytics, Los Angeles, USA

Saltire Scholar Programme

Virtual Internships provide Scholars with the opportunity to experience working with an International Company from right here in Scotland. A virtual internship can enable you to gain that Global perspective while undertaking a project of commercial significance.

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