Frequently Asked Questions

Application Stage

To be eligible to apply you must be the following:

  • Enrolled in full time undergraduate study at a Scottish University


  • Entering your penultimate or final year of university. This includes:

    • Year 3 of a 3 year Bachelors
    • Year 3 or 4 of a 4 year Honours Degree
    • Year 3 or 4 or 5 of a 5 year Integrated Masters

Students can re-apply for the programme if unsuccessful. If you have previously applied, or been a member of the Candidate Pool in an earlier cycle, you can reapply a second time. (E.g. you were unsuccessful in your penultimate year of study, therefore you can re-apply in your final year)

We partner with all of Scotland's universities and each provides a financial contribution to help make our internships possible. As such, every student who becomes a Saltire Scholar has their high-quality internship experience part-funded by their university.

Each university makes independent budgeting decisions based on their own individual strategic plans and they will choose which types of internships they wish to fund.

Please check below to see if your university has any specific criteria you need to be aware of.

  • University of Edinburgh

Before applying to the Saltire Scholar Programme, students at the University of Edinburgh must qualify as Widening Participation according to the University of Edinburgh’s WP criteria.

Should they reach the Candidate Pool, Widening Participation students at the University of Edinburgh, are eligible to apply for any Scotland based role as well as international & virtual international roles. The eligibility of all University of Edinburgh students will be cross-checked by their university to ensure WP qualification is met.

  • University of Glasgow

Students at the University of Glasgow, should they reach the Candidate Pool, are eligible to apply for any Scotland based role as well as international & virtual international roles.

  • University of Stirling

Students at the University of Stirling, should they reach the Candidate Pool, are eligible to apply for internship roles in Scotland, and virtual international roles only.

Saltire Scholar Internships typically start early June and usually last for 8,10 or 12 weeks.

When we advertise internship opportunities, we will also disclose the start date and duration of the role.

For example in 2022, the majority of internships started on Monday 13th June 2022.

The internship start date will be included on the job advert and candidates should pay particular attention to this date.

Internship dates for International roles are not flexible due to Visa application timescales and travel/accommodation arrangements.

Please note that the decision of when internships will commence is at the discretion of the host company and therefore flexibility is not always possible or guaranteed.

Saltire internships are full-time roles and you will be expected to be available for the entirety of the internship. If you cannot commit to undertaking a 8-12 week internship over the summer because of prior commitments, eg, a 2 week summer holiday, you should not apply.

Yes, you can re-apply if you were unsuccessful the previous year. For example, if you were unsuccessful in your penultimate year, then you can re-apply in your final year.

  • Yes. For internships in Scotland and the wider UK, Scholars are paid the living wage per hour (£9.50).
  • For internships in London, Scholars are paid the living wage per hour (£10.85).
  • All Virtual Internships are fully paid at the Scottish Living Wage of £9.50/hour
  • For internships outside of the UK all costs are covered (flights, accommodation, visas, insurance) as well as Scholars receiving a nominal stipend to cover expenses.
  • For internships within the UK, support can be given to help Scholars identify their accommodation.
  • The Scholar team will arrange the accommodation for internships with certain Host Companies who are based in the UK. These arrangements will be highlighted on the appropriate Internship Project Description document as part of the internship advertisement. These internships will also have a host-company-specific financial arrangement in place. Applicants will be advised of this prior to making their applications.

No. The Scholar team take responsibility for sourcing your accommodation and will work with you to book your flight. All Scholars must take the lead in submitting their visa paperwork and progressing through the required process.

Yes, if you are on a year abroad and in your penultimate year or final year of study, you are eligible to apply. It is your responsibility to be organised with interviews and application timelines, taking into account any time differences in your country, as any deadlines stipulated will be in UK local time.

You will also need to be conscious of the start date of internships you apply to as this could clash with your term time.

Internships last between 8-12 weeks. The duration of each project is determined by the company who hosts our interns.

We share the dates and durations of the internships alongside the internship description when we advertise roles.

The Saltire Scholar Programme is open to applicants from all degree disciplines. We encourage all students to consider their transferable skills so that they can broaden their horizons. While there may be internships directly related to your degree, you may have other relevant skills that could be applicable to a different industry or role. In the past we have had pharmacy students undertaking marketing roles, and engineers undertake business analysis roles, so it pays to think outside of the box!

We partner with a wide variety of companies who operate in a range of industries and sectors all over the world. This includes business and finance, engineering, manufacturing, life sciences, creative industries, not-for-profit, public sector, IT, pharmaceuticals, transport, food and drink and many more.

When sourcing internship projects, we focus on identifying roles which deliver tangible impact to the company whilst also contributing to your learning and development.

Traditionally, all Saltire Scholar Internships take place, in-person, at the Host Company premises.

In 2020, in response to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, we launched our Virtual Internships enabling us to offer summer internships whilst prioritising the health, safety and well-being of all participants.

In 2021 and 2022 we continued to offer Virtual Internships and we will also be offering these as opportunities in 2023 in addition to in-person roles.

We partner with companies on an annual basis which means every year we offer a range of internships with companies who have hosted interns before, as well as new companies. We understand that students will be drawn to recognisable employer brands, however we pride ourselves on partnering with the world’s leading firms and entrepreneurial companies, some of which you may never have heard of before! Regardless of which company we partner with and where they are located, we guarantee that they will offer students a valuable and meaningful internship.

Our application window is open from 29th August - 17th October. Whether you submit early on, or on the very last day of the window, every application will be considered equally. There is no benefit to rushing your application and submitting it on the first day! We encourage all candidates to use the application period effectively, but we advise you to be mindful of technical challenges if you’re cutting it close to the deadline!

Our applications are open for 7 weeks, it is therefore your responsibility to be able to make deadlines; our application dates are not flexible.

If you have applied close to the end of the application window, and encounter technical issues, we will not be able to make allowances for this.

If you have any queries about the questions or require application support, reach out to your university’s careers service.

Brand Ambassadors (students who have been a Saltire Scholar in a previous cycle) can also help. You can find Scholars' Blogs on our website and you may be able to connect with a BA on LinkedIn

Due to the high volume of applications we receive in our initial process, there will not be a second round.


Once the short-listing of applications has been completed by the Scholar Team, all candidates who have been selected for interview will be notified.

You will then be responsible for booking your interview time slot from a range of appointments available.

Interviews will take place from 7th - 18th November and will be held in various locations across Scotland.

In the unlikely event that you still cannot find a suitable slot to book, we may be able to make alternative arrangements with you. However, we must see evidence that you are not able to attend the regular slots (i.e. evidence of university resits, medical appointments).

No. Although this is our final application stage, this is still competitive. Roughly 1 in 3 people within our candidate pool will secure an internship.

These are professional interviews, therefore dress appropriately as you would for a job interview. First impressions are always important.