Colette Grant

Founder, Grant Property

Colette has built Grant Property over the last 21 years to become a leading UK Residential Property Investment + Management Company. With Headquarters in Edinburgh, Grant Property specialise in building secure, valuable, high-yielding residential property portfolios; operating from local offices across 10 UK University cities.

A successful and trusted UK company, their award-winning services bring together all stages of Property Investment and Management into a complete solution for national and international investors. Their specialist team carefully source properties in high-yield prime locations across the UK; cost-effective renovations and comprehensive property management focus on strengthening the value of these properties over time. Grant Property consistently performs strongly in the UK's property market. Colette is on the main Board of Entrepreneurial Scotland whose vision is to inspire and develop Scotland's people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

Colette is also Chair of the Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation Trustees Board, whose Saltire Programmes see over 200 young people participate every year in world-class, global development programmes, specially designed for high potential individuals at the early or mid-career stages. People, their state of mind and creativity are at the heart of Colette's focus for growing her business and career. Lifelong learning is at the core of all her interactions, Colette leads with individuality that is sometimes imperfectly expressed! Choosing authenticity and passion over perfection every time.