Eilidh is an operations manager in GlaxoSmithKline’s flagship manufacturing site in Ware Hertfordshire.  She graduated from the University of Stirling having studied Languages and International Management.  She went on to complete a Masters in Management at the L’Ecole de Management, Strasbourg.

In 2010 Eilidh was a Saltire Scholar hosted by GSK.  She is honest enough to admit that she picked GSK not because she was particularly interested in pharmaceuticals but because she wanted their name on her CV.   Her plan was to change the world and she thought she would do this through the UN or the government. Very quickly she fell in love with the people at GSK and the company’s attitude towards access to medicine.  Operationally, Eilidh is accountable for manufacturing clinical and developmental respiratory products working closely with R&D to ensure these can be industrialised to support the growing number of respiratory patients. Along with her operational role, is responsible for the Albendazole Donation Supply Chain.  This roles ensures security of supply of Albendazole to the WHO for the treatment of lymphatic filariasis a debilitating disease found in the developing world.  

Since joining GSK, Eilidh has worked within Operational Excellence, Supply Chain, Transformation and Operations and in 2013 was nominated for the Chemical Industry Young Ambassador Award.

Eilidh believes that the support, faith and opportunities that she has been given is the reason that she has been able to move through many different roles and locations in GSK.  It is also what drives her to continue to support the Saltire Foundation. Having hosted circa 50 scholars over the past 4 years.  She works hard to ensure that young leaders get the opportunities and exposure that she has been so fortunate to have been given believing that, in turn, this will create fantastic future leaders who will, without a doubt, end up being her boss one day!

Eilidh lives in London and has a guinea pig called Mo Farah. She is currently on a mission to persuade her fiancé that a kitten would be a good addition to the family.