Kris Reid and Marty Bell

Founders and directors of Tens

Marty and Kris are the founders and directors of Tens. They began as two hometown friends from the small village of Beauly, by Inverness. Before launching Tens, the duo have been involved in many projects in the fields of marketing, events, photography, as well as running a clothing brand.

Accompanied by their good friend Tom, Tens was imagined during a road trip through the Scottish Highlands. As photographers and filmmakers with a love for adding rich, warm colours to their work, it felt natural to bring this process to the real world. A simple ambition to make everyone’s day look & feel ten times better.

The trio envisaged sunglasses that were focused more on how things look through the lens, as opposed to solely how they look on your face. They realised that for decades, ordinary sunglasses have deprived the world of the sun’s natural glow, replacing its bright and beautiful rays with cold and lifeless shade. With Tens' custom filtered lens that works with natural sunlight, the world is transformed into a vivid experience full of clarity and colour.

They set out to make their vision beyond the lens a reality. In May 2014, Tens was launched via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, raising over £370,000 from customers in 100+ countries around the world. In July 2016, the company received significant investment from Virgin Founder, Sir Richard Branson. Now based in Glasgow, Tens continues to thrive as a Scottish start-up, shipping globally and making people’s days look & feel ten times better.