Director, Sarah Lock Leadership Ltd

I’ve always been fascinated by people. What makes us tick? What makes us happy? What fulfils us? Why do some people succeed, while others are held back from living their best life?

This is why I’m driven to help people thrive and achieve greater levels of success. Over the last 25 years my interest in people has taken me across the UK, Europe and Asia working with clients in diverse sectors including financial services, technology, hospitality and retail.

During this time, I’ve coached and supported some terrific individuals and teams, from CEOs in large organisations, to entrepreneurs and graduates - all with unique challenges and perspectives. By applying the best thinking about leadership, learning and change I create practical solutions which help organisations perform better. These include coaching and mentoring, working with executive teams, designing and delivering high potential leadership programmes and creating cultural change frameworks.

If you are a start-up, growing your business, leading change or want to improve aspects of your personal life, I can help you make the difference you need. We’re all searching for leaders who can engage and empower, creating great experiences for colleagues and customers

Here’s how...

I get you - and fast

 Every person and organisation brings a unique set of challenges. By tuning into what’s happening for you quickly, I work with you to create practical solutions that transform performance.

I challenge from the heart

Deep relationships mean I can ask the difficult questions, and you’ll know it’s with positive intent. Challenging and supportive, I hold the mirror up to what’s holding you (or your team) back. Together, we then explore the answers so you achieve your goals.

I say it as it is

It isn’t always easy to deal with the truth, and that’s what you get when you work with me. My job isn’t to sugar-coat. You’ll get straight-talking, direct and clear, meaning we get more stuff done.