Founder of Monreal London

Monreal London Ltd was founded in 2012 by German-born designer Stefanï Grosse, whose parents worked in the fields of fashion and sports, which had a significant impact on her career path. When Grosse was five, she picked up her first tennis racket and while her passion for the sport remained, her path led her away from the professional tennis circuit towards fashion design. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York, she designed for brands including Donna Karan and Calvin Klein, before becoming a player in her own right by establishing Monreal. With 16 years of fashion design experience under her belt, Grosse continued to play tennis competitively she noticed a disconnect between function and fashion in the activewear sector. As a result, an idea was born and Grosse became one of the pioneer of fusing stylish aesthetics with cutting-edge innovation, catering specifically to luxury performance sportswear and lifestyle. Stefanï approaches every Monreal collection the same way she would a fashion collection. The only difference: performance comes first.