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The Saltire Foundation (Canada) supports Saltire programmes by raising funds and sourcing opportunities for Saltire Scholars and Saltire Fellows.

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Canadian supporters like you have been making a difference in Scotland by enabling “life changing” experiences for our Saltire Scholars and Fellows in Canada. 

There are lots of different ways you can support our Foundation. You can host an intern at your company to support talented individuals to realise their potential or sponsor an intern to open up world-class opportunities for your intern.

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For more information about supporting the Saltire Foundation Canada, contact Tina Dickson. 

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Our Directors

  • Alan Brown (Chair)
  • Sandy Kennedy
  • Helen Sayles, CBE

Reflections from our Saltire Scholars

Euan Donnelly, BIM for DfMA Scholar, University of Alberta

Edinburgh Napier University

"During this experience, I had the opportunity to network and connect with a variety of industry professionals who were highly sought after researchers. I was able to learn new ideas from like-minded people within the university and identify the differences in our education systems. Now that I have begun my final year as a Mechanical Engineering student, I am more eager than ever to excel in my studies so that I can take advantage of further opportunities like this. My internship exposed me to the different areas and technologies within the discipline and widened my horizons as to what opportunities are available."

Charlotte Laing, Audience Growth Intern, Boat Rocker

University of Glasgow

"Creating a website was a huge achievement for me and I was able to learn many key programming and design skills through its development. The main areas I have developed through this experience are confidence in my own ability and my independence. Spending 3 months in a different country and building relationships from scratch is not easy, however having this opportunity has proved invaluable. I used the skills I developed at university and expanded on these, which has given me confidence that I have the knowledge to succeed in future endeavours."


Reflections from our Saltire Hosts

Edward Life Sciences is one of our host companies who is delighted to be involved with the Saltire Foundation and has hosted 4 scholars over 2 years.  Adrian Brannan, Vice President of Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada sees this as an easy choice for an organisation.

"Hosting a Saltire Scholar is low effort and high impact.  It creates an opportunity for young people to do something meaningful which helps their development and career aspirations; in the process making a positive contribution to the host company and is an opportunity to give back to the next generation.  The logistical support from the ES Scholar team makes it easy for the host companies & the quality and attitude of candidates speaks to the quality of the selection process.  All the Edwards Life Sciences Scholars were welcome additions to the team; bright, enthusiastic & willing to learn. A 'shining light' for the office."