Benefits of the Fellowship for Organisations

By partnering with us, you will have the opportunity to develop, retain or attract the best talent in Scotland and beyond. The Saltire Fellowship Leadership Development Programme provides a pipeline of entrepreneurially minded leaders with the ability to significantly enhance the commercial performance of businesses.

Entrepreneurial Scotland will work in partnership with your organisation, to meet your needs. We will develop a custom case that provides an opportunity for the cohort and the Babson Faculty to explore and debate approaches for dealing with a specific challenge that your organisation is facing. 

Developing Effective Business Leaders

The Fellowship empowers Fellows to be more strategic and more efficient on many levels. It provides them with the skills and knowledge needed to realise their full leadership potential and channel it for the competitive advantage of your organisation.

Providing Hands-on Strategic Learning

Fellows will have an exceptional opportunity to step back from their daily responsibilities to re-evaluate critical issues in the ever-changing business environment.  As a result, they think outside a specific business sector. Throughout the programme, Fellows will be given “live” business challenges and tools designed to help them apply the lessons learned. It will enhance their ability to make strategic decisions, to prioritise and inspire them to make a significant impact on your organisation.   

Offering International Experience

The programme has a globally focussed curriculum and a diverse perspective through the faculty, peers, alumni and network.

The faculty challenge the Fellows to understand the economic, political, and social environments in which they conduct business, how the business world is changing, how their company can handle the trends, and which changes and trends can create opportunity.

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