Financial Information

The total contribution for companies is £16,000.

If your company is sponsoring a member of the team, you will need to cover the company and the individual contribution.

The Fellowship cost includes:

• All teaching fees   • US accommodation   • Transportation to and from Babson   • Company visits   • Access to additional courses including Babson MBA classes, MIT conferences etc.  • The Silicon Valley learning journey.

Open Enrollment Programme Fees

All open enrollment (OE) Fellows will be matched with a host company and will receive 50% funding towards the programme fees.

How We Work with Companies

Entrepreneurial Scotland will work with organisations to develop a custom case that provides an opportunity for the cohort and the Babson Faculty to explore approaches for dealing with a specific challenge that the business is facing. 

If you are interested in enrolling someone within your organisation or would like to have a Saltire Fellow undertake a project within your business, find out more here.

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