Saltire Scholar Host Companies

Host companies partner with us because we have a robust selection process that identifies individuals who are consistently cited as the top talent within Scottish universities. Our Saltire Scholars bring fresh perspectives, new ideas and the latest vocational training to undertake commercially viable projects within our host companies.

Who is it For?

A key factor in the success of our Saltire Programmes is the quality and commitment of our host companies. These range from large, multinational corporations to small, entrepreneurial start-ups. Our programme and its participants are diverse to fit the interests of our host partners: from engineering internships in Houston to legal internships in Hong Kong, and everything in between.

To date, we have worked with over 220 host companies across 5 continents. Of our 2019 Saltire Scholar programme, 100% of our host companies who have financially contributed towards the programme said it was good value for money, and 90% said they would host a Saltire Scholar Intern again.

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Our 2019 Programme Partners

A huge thank you to our 2019 Programme Partners.

The Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation is an independent charity which helps deliver our Saltire Programmes. Support from our host companies helps ensure sustainability of our programmes.

By opting to be a Programme Partner, the additional financial contribution made goes towards helping even more students benefit from world-class internships. We are very grateful for this support and commitment towards the Saltire Scholar Programme.

How Host Companies Could Benefit


  • Access Saltire Scholars who are selected for being the top talent within their universities and have the potential to be the next generation of leaders.
  • Provide a transformational opportunity for a Saltire Scholar. For many of them, this will be their first professional work experience.
  • Fill your organisation's skills gaps by engaging with capable and committed individuals.
  • Saltire Scholars bring a new energy and enthusiasm to your team; leaving a lasting beneficial effect on your organisation:
  • Create a pipeline of future talent for your organisation.
ES Awards 2016


  • Join the Entrepreneurial Scotland network to be part of a global community of over 500 business leaders from innovative start-ups through to Fortune100 companies, spanning all sectors.
  • As an Entrepreneurial Scotland member, attend inspiring events throughout the year including the Annual Conference and Annual Celebration and Dinner.
  • Promote yourself as an employer of choice with the opportunity for targetted recruitment through access to the wider Saltire Alumni community of over 1,000 alumni at various career stages.


  • The Saltire Scholar team provides host companies with a hassle free, robust recruitment process with vital links to all of Scotland's universities
  • The Satire Scholar team provides logistical support to prepare Saltire Scholars for their internships, inclduing flights, visas and accommodation
  • For an overview of the Scholars Programme, please read our 1 page PDF

How It Works

The programme runs annually between June and August for a duration of 10 weeks. Saltire Scholars and host companies are recruited between November and March.

As a host company, you would have a dedicated Saltire programme team member who will communicate with you throughout the year, providing regular updates on the recruitment process. Saltire Scholar candidates go through a three-stage recruitment process: written application; speed interview; and a host company interview.

The Saltire programme team will work directly with your chosen Saltire Scholar to arrange logistics including accommodation and flights for international internships.

What Our Host Companies Say