Saltire Scholar Sponsors

By becoming a Saltire Scholar sponsor you play a vital role in expanding the opportunities available to the next generation of leaders in Scotland. This in turn ensures the continued success of Saltire programmes in the future.

Who is it For?

The Saltire Scholar programme exists thanks to the participation and financial support of visionary individuals, universities, Trusts and corporates who believe in Scotland's potential and have taken the step to make a change.

We actively seek Saltire Scholar sponsors all year round. If you would like to find out more information about becoming a sponsor, please email us.

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How You Could Benefit

  • Make a difference to a young person’s development and create a legacy that will have a lasting impact on their future
  • Give back to Scotland and help us drive sustainability for the Saltire programmes
  • Follow an individual’s journey, which could include mentoring post-internship
  • Engage with Entrepreneurial Scotland’s membership network and events, including the Annual Conference
  • Raise your profile amongst Scotland’s next generation of business leaders and the Entrepreneurial Scotland network

How It Works

As a Saltire Scholar Sponsor, we welcome your involvement in various aspects of the Scholar's internship before, during, and after. Engagement is at the Sponsor's discretion and can include:

  • Structured meetings before, during and after the internship
  • Scholars can document the impact of your sponsorship through a series of updates before, during and after


With your consent, the Saltire programme team will publicise your involvement across traditional and social media. Publicity could include:

  • Recognition as a Sponsor on our Supporters webpage
  • A press release and announcment on our website at the time your Scholar is selected
  • A case study and press release post-internship, and promotion across social media